24Vegan Vegan Fish Sauce 375ml


Country: Australia

Expiry Date/Best Before: 2021-12-14

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Nutrition Facts
Per 100g
Energy 100.0kcal
Protein 6.67g
Total Fat 0.0g
- Saturated Fat 0.67g
- Trans fat 0.0mg
Carbohydrate 6.67g
- Dietary Fibre 0.0g
- Sugar 6.67g
Sodium 8867mg
While we are working hard to provide the best possible information, ingredients and nutrition facts are subject to change at any time at the manufacturer's discretion. It's always a good idea to refer to the product packaging for the most complete and up-to-date information.
Soybean, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Water, Vegan Seasoning (Sodium 5'-Inosinate, Sodium 5' Guanylate, DL-Alanine, Disodium Succinate)
All additives are from plant or synthetic origin. Contains soy.

24vegan創辦人金伯利和她的父母已經接受了純素食的生活方式,並給予了他們認可的印章。在意識到肉類行業​​對動物的虐待以及純素飲食的諸多好處後,金伯利決定成為一名素食主義者。她意識到動物是有情的生物,同樣能夠經歷痛苦,恐懼和幸福之類的情緒。她認為所有動物都應該 受到尊重,應有機會有尊嚴地生活和死亡。此外,素食主義者對健康有好處,並且對環境有幫助。肉中含有飽和脂肪,膽固醇和我們許多人都不知道的物質。相反,基於植物的食物與癌症,糖尿病,肥胖症和心髒病的風險降低相關。如果那還不夠,素食主義者的壽命往往比吃肉的人長10年。

24Vegan founder, Kimberly and her parents have embraced the vegan way of life and have given it their seal of approval. Kimberly decided to be a vegan after becoming aware of the meat industry’s abuse towards animals and the numerous benefits of a vegan diet. She realized that animals are sentient beings and are just as capable of experiencing emotions such as pain, fear, and happiness. She believes all animals should be treated with respect and should be given the opportunity to live and die with dignity. In addition, going vegan has health benefits and it helps the environment. Meat contains saturated fat, cholesterol, and substances that many of us aren’t aware of. In contrast, plant-based food has been associated with a decreased risk in cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. If that wasn’t enough, vegans tend to live 10 years longer than those who eat meat.



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