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Clearspring Organic Japanese Barley Miso - Pouch (Full Case) 300g x 6

BRAND: Clearspring




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Allergy Info
About the Brand

Ingredients: Whole soya beans* (36%), barley* (30%), sea salt, water.
* organically grown

Product weight: 300g

Also known as Mugi Miso, it is the traditional miso of rural Japan. This superb miso is made by traditional methods and is fully aged in cedarwood kegs for 1 to 2 years.

It adds a rich flavour and concentrated goodness to sauces, baked dishes, soups and beans. It also makes an outstanding miso soup.

What is miso?

Barley Miso ProductionMiso is a traditional fermented Japanese staple food and seasoning made from different types of grains but mainly soya and a unique koji fermentation culture.

During the 18 years Clearspring's founder Christopher Dawson lived in Japan he became an expert on miso quality, and the Clearspring range is his selection of the finest traditionally made Japanese miso. All traditionally fermented Japanese miso is prepared by cooking the finest organically grown ingredients (whole soya beans and cereal grains) and combining them with a koji culture (grains or soya beans inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae mould spores) sea salt and water. Then naturally aged in cedarwood kegs over many months at ambient temperature the enzymes from the koji, along with naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria, gradually break down the complex grains and beans into readily digestible amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars. The resulting miso has rich and complex flavours and an abundance of umami, the fifth taste.

How should miso be stored?

Generally, the best way to store miso to maintain its freshness and quality is in a cool cupboard or refrigerator. However, it really depends on climatic conditions and personal preference. High temperatures will encourage further fermentation, which although not harmful, will darken the colour and alter the flavour of the miso as well as possibly leading to a build-up of pressure within the packaging.

How salty is miso?

Salt plays an integral part in many fermented and pickled foods. It acts as a check to the fermentation process, creating foods with optimum nutrition but preventing them from spoiling. Miso contains enough salt to successfully control the fermentation, with the actual amount varying from 5% for lighter varieties up to 12% for stronger, darker varieties. Miso is a concentrated seasoning with considerable flavouring ability, so there is no need to use a lot of it. When substituting miso for salt, add approximately one to two teaspoons of miso for one quarter of a teaspoon of salt. This way salt intake can be lowered and full benefit gained from the flavour and nutrition of miso.

Are Clearspring soya foods non GM?

Organic certification does not allow genetic modification, so all Clearspring organic foods are therefore certified non GM. With its non-organic foods, Clearspring is careful to only trade products where there is a declaration from the supplier that all the ingredients are non GM.

What are the different varieties of miso?

Like with French wine or Belgian beers, miso comes in numerous varieties, each with its own unique taste, colour and texture, and each reflecting the local culture, crops and growing conditions of different regions of Japan. While sweet miso with lower soya content, less salt and more koji is popular in the south of Japan, darker miso, often called "aka" or red miso, contains more soya and less grain koji, and traditionally comes from the northern part of Japan. The Clearspring range includes the best of each type of miso, both dark and light, as well as pure soya bean and grain based varieties.

Should miso be cooked?

Unpasteurised miso contains an abundance of live enzymes that can be destroyed through prolonged cooking. However the nutritional properties, as well as the flavour of miso, are left unaltered by cooking, and some recipes suggest cooking miso to develop the flavour of other ingredients in the dish.

To maximise the enzymatic benefits of miso, choose an unpasteurised variety (or freeze-dried miso soup) and select recipes where miso is added towards the end of cooking.

What kind of dishes can it be used in?

Miso can be used instead of salt to flavour dishes such as soups and stews. It combines well with ingredients such as ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, tahini and citrus zest and juice.

    • High in Protein
    • Low in Saturated Fat
    Typical values g per 100g
    Energy kJ: 606
    Energy kCal: 145
    Fat: 5.6
    of which saturates: 0.7
    Carbohydrate: 9.5
    of which sugars: 5.6
    Fibre: 5.1
    Protein: 12
    Salt: 11.4
    • Source of Fibre

    Nutrition Facts 營養資料
    Per 100g / 每 100 克
    Energy / 熱量 145.0kcal / 千卡
    Protein / 蛋白質 12.0g / 克
    Total fat / 總脂肪 5.6g / 克
    - Saturated fat / 飽和脂肪 0.7g / 克
    - Trans fat / 反式脂肪 0.0g / 克
    Cholesterol / 膽固醇 0mg / 毫克
    Carbohydrate / 碳水化合物 9.5g / 克
    - Dietary Fibre / 膳食纖維 0.0g / 克
    - Sugar / 糖 5.6g / 克
    Sodium / 鈉 4520mg / 毫克
    While we are working hard to provide the best possible information, ingredients and nutrition facts are subject to change at any time at the manufacturer's discretion. It's always a good idea to refer to the product packaging for the most complete and up-to-date information.
    Ingredients: Whole soya beans* (36%), barley* (30%), sea salt, water. * organically grown
    Allergy Info
    Ingredients: Whole soya beans* (36%), barley* (30%), sea salt, water. * organically grown
    About the Brand

    Clearspring 是一家家族企業,在25多年來,我們一直致力於開創正宗的日本特色菜和有機精美食品。 我們很榮幸為您帶來我們屢獲殊榮的產品系列,該產品在世界各地都享有並受到讚賞。 我們的核心信念是,每個人都應該獲得優質的有機食品,以便飲食健康。 我們的產品通過支持有機農民和手工業食品生產商,為可持續農業做出了寶貴貢獻。 通過豐富土壤和關愛生態系統,我們正在保護傳給孩子的世界。

    從最初的日本味噌湯到今天的260多種產品,我們的產品範圍不斷擴大。 我們不斷受到啟發,通過食物將多樣性,創新和健康藝術帶入我們的產品中。 我們所有的產品都有獨特的風味,採用地道的配方和傳統方法製成。 我們從不使用任何人工添加劑或添加精製糖。 我們的熱情是向您展示以植物為基礎的飲食有多麼美味和豐富,不僅味道如何,而且還能使我們保持健康和繁榮。



    Clearspring由現任董事長Christopher Dawson於1993年成立,從年銷售額640,000英鎊增長到2013年的月銷售額750,000英鎊。Clearspring目前在全球分銷250多種產品,在英國擁有批發客戶,並且在全球超過53個國家/地區進一步批發客戶。

    Christopher和他的員工從倫敦西部的辦事處環遊世界,以尋找符合Clearspring嚴格標準的高品質產品。每件產品均經過仔細的成分純度評估和無害生態的生產實踐。 Clearspring尋求的產品不含轉基因成分,並使用全有機成分製成。精製的有機成分(例如有機糖)是不可接受的; Clearspring認為,提煉有機食品會耗盡它們的內在價值。



    Clearspring is a family-owned business and for over 25 years we have been committed to pioneering authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods. We are proud to bring to you our award-winning range that is enjoyed and appreciated around the world. Our core belief is that everyone should have access to quality organic food to eat well. Our products make a valuable contribution to sustainable agriculture, by supporting organic farmers and artisan food producers. Through enriching the soil and caring for the eco-system, we are protecting the world that we pass on to our children.

    From the humble beginnings of Japanese miso soup, to over 260 products today, our range continues to grow. We are continuously inspired to bring diversity, innovation and the art of wellness through food to our offering. All our products have a distinctive flavour, made with authentic recipes and by traditional methods. We never use any artificial additives or add refined sugars. Our passion is to show you just how delicious and abundant a plant-based diet can be, not only how it tastes, but also how it keeps us healthy and thriving.

    The Clearspring goal is to get nutritious, organic food back on the kitchen table. By developing the demand for organic foods and encouraging the cultivation of organic crops by farmers today, we ensure that you and generations to come can enjoy the great taste and benefits of good food.​

    Clearspring is a privately owned UK company established in the 1980s to distribute great tasting traditional foods that support good health; promote sustainable agriculture; and provide economic stability for producer communities.

    Set up by its current Chairman, Christopher Dawson, in 1993, Clearspring has grown from annual sales of £640,000 to monthly sales of £750,000 in 2013. Clearspring currently distributes over 250 products from around the world, has wholesale customers in the UK, and further wholesale customers in more than 53 countries worldwide.

    From their west London offices Christopher and his staff travel around the world in search of high quality products that meet Clearspring's exacting standards. Each product is carefully evaluated for purity of ingredients and ecologically sound manufacturing practices. Clearspring looks for products that are GMO free and made with whole organic ingredients. Refined organic ingredients such as organic sugar are not acceptable; Clearspring believes that refining organic foods depletes them of their intrinsic value.

    Clearspring foods must also be made by traditional methods using time-tested recipes. Indeed, some of the foods Clearspring labels are made using methods and recipes dating back 200 to 500 years or more.

    In addition to its large selection of traditional Japanese foods, Clearspring has an equally large range of traditional European foods. These include an extensive range of organic cold pressed oils, sugar-free organic fruit spreads, organic grains, seeds and almonds.



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    Posted by Clearspring UK on Friday, 22 January 2021

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    Clearspring Organic Japanese Barley Miso - Pouch (Full Case) 300g x 6

    Clearspring Organic Japanese Barley Miso - Pouch (Full Case) 300g x 6