Decor 藤枝香氛 - Supreme Amber 250ml/8.33oz


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Decor Room Diffuser - Supreme Amber

產品功效:家居芳香 產品特點:時尚香氛藤條,能安全有效時為起居注入清新性感的香氣,能鎮靜舒緩你感官,能時帶來幸福的感覺,備藤蘆竹支,置於煙色玻璃容器內,意大利工匠嚴格製作而成,備多種香氣可供選擇 有效期限:250ml香水可用3個月,500ml香水可用4個月

A stylish fragrance reed diffuser Helps safely & effectively perfume your living space with a fresh, sensual scent Instantly calms & soothes your mood while promoting a sense of well-being Comes with rattan bamboo reed sticks Encased in a smoked glass holder Strictly made in Italy by carefully selected craftsmen Available in a wide range of scents Durability: 250ml perfumes for 3 months. 500ml perfumes for 4 months

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