Full Green Cauliflower Riced Combo (3 Flavours)


Country: United Kingdom

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Full Green believe in the power of plant-based eating to nourish the body & mind, and fuel you to make the most out of everyday. But we know that it’s not always easy. That’s why we created Fullgreen.

We are committed to making products that have a real visible difference to your health: We pack our products full of nutritious vegetables to help you feel fitter and stronger; and, as part of a healthy, balanced diet, can help reduce the risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease and obesity related illnesses.

Fullgreen offers a range of nutritious, 100% plant-based products that:

Never contain preservatives, additives, or added sugars – making sure you get 100% of the good stuff and none of the bad.

Are shelf-stable (no need to refrigerate) so you can enjoy them anywhere and everywhere.

And take only minutes to cook, saving you precious time to focus on more important things.

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