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La Tourangelle La Tourangelle, Avocado Oil 500ml




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About the Brand

If you’re looking for a rich, natural, luscious ingredient to add to your dishes or rejuvenate your health, La Tourangelle’s avocado oil is the perfect choice for your kitchen and your home. Not only is it packed with nutrients and healthy to consume, but it can rejuvenate your appearance when applied topically.

La Tourangelle Avocado Oil is 100% pure, all-natural and handcrafted from premium avocados. We use only the freshest, most high-quality local ingredients to make our artisan avocado oil better than any other. This gorgeous emerald green oil has a fine fruity roundness that makes it lovely for both sweet and savory applications. La Tourangelle Avocado Oil is a high-quality and pure oil that can be used also for skin and hair care, or in DIY cosmetic recipes.

Temperature: Medium-high heat.Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.Shelf Life: Unopened: 24-month.Opened: best used within 6 months.

Health Benefits
Health Benefits: Avocado oil contains good fat: mostly monounsaturated fat or MUFA (around 70% of its fatty acid profile). These are the ones that have a powerful effect on high cholesterol, weight, belly fat etc…. Therefore, it is a great substitute for “bad” fats (saturated fats or trans fats) mainly found in traditional animal derived grease (like butter or lard) and heavily processed goods. La Tourangelle Avocado Oil is naturally and lightly processed and confers important nutrients from the avocado pulp such as antioxidants, potassium and vitamin A.

Need Ideas?
UsageHealth BenefitsNeed Ideas?ProcessNutritionID CardUsage: Avocado oil is not only a super food oil that can be used in uncooked items like salads and dips, but it’s also highly recommended for cooking because it has a higher smoke point than olive oil. Rich and thick with a buttery sensation but no overwhelming flavors, it is wonderful in salad dressings, on fresh cut fruit, grilled fish or sautéed veggies.Use our virgin avocado oil by:Whisking It: Incorporate our wholesome organic avocado oil in your vinaigrettes, sauces and drizzles for a fresh burst of flavor on salads and home-cooked meals.Cooking It: Use our artisan avocado oil as a base for stir-frying, grilling and marinades for meat.Wearing It: Avocado oil is not just beneficial in your kitchen — it is useful for your beauty routine. As a cosmetic oil, avocado oil is a great hair conditioner and thickener.

Avocado oil is processed on equipment very similar to those used to process extra virgin olive oil. The avocado pulp is first expeller-pressed usually using a centrifuge. It is then lightly filtered and “polished” using another centrifuge. It takes from 15–20 avocados to make 1 ( one) 250 ml/8 ounce tin.

ID Card
Extraction Method:Expeller-pressedPart of the Plant Extract:FleshCountry of Origin:USA or Mexico (depending of the season).Botanical Name:Persea GraissimaBotanical Family:Persea GrissimaHeat/Smoke Point:Medium-highPackaging:Tin can to protect from light which preserves the quality and freshness of the oil. Plastic tamper-evident seal and can are BPA-Free.Ingredients:100% pure avocado oilOrganoleptic Appearance:Viscous LiquidOrganoleptic Color:Emerald greenOrganoleptic Aroma:Mild to fruity AvocadoOrganoleptic Taste:FruityFatty Acid Composition:C16:0 Palmitic Acid 15-20%C16:1 Palmitoleic Acid 6-10%C18:1 Oleic Acid 50-70%C18:2 Linoleic Acid 8-12%C18:3 Alpha Linoleic Acid <5%Focus On:MUFA (monounsaturated fats) : Avocado oil contains good fat: mostly monounsaturated fat or MUFA (around 70% of its fatty acid profile). These are the ones that have a powerful effect on high cholesterol, weight, belly fat etc…. Therefore, it is a great substitute for butter and shortening.

Nutrition Facts 營養資料
Per 100g / 每 100 克
Energy / 熱量 867.0kcal / 千卡
Protein / 蛋白質 0.0g / 克
Total fat / 總脂肪 93.34g / 克
- Saturated fat / 飽和脂肪 13.34g / 克
- Trans fat / 反式脂肪 0.0g / 克
Cholesterol / 膽固醇 0mg / 毫克
Carbohydrate / 碳水化合物 0.0g / 克
- Dietary Fibre / 膳食纖維 0.0g / 克
- Sugar / 糖 0.0g / 克
Sodium / 鈉 0mg / 毫克
While we are working hard to provide the best possible information, ingredients and nutrition facts are subject to change at any time at the manufacturer's discretion. It's always a good idea to refer to the product packaging for the most complete and up-to-date information.
100% Pure Avocado Oil
Allergy Info
May contain Tree Nuts and Their Derivatives,Peanuts and Their Derivatives.
About the Brand

La Tourangelle is a family owned and operated producer of artisan food.
We’re on a mission to inspire food lovers everywhere.

Artisan Made

Our natural products are crafted locally in California and France using traditional practices. From sourcing the best quality ingredients to small batch production, our products are rooted in artisan know-how. We believe in making products that are authentic, delicious and sustainable, and in by doing so we can spread joy and well-being through food.

Sustainability – from Soil to Belly

Our artisan legacy makes honoring nature come easily. It is in our genes to revere trees, seeds, kernels and all of nature because we know that it is the only way to produce high-quality products. We are committed to sourcing organic products, working with cooperative fair trade certified suppliers and regenerative farmers, being transparent and honest with our claims evidenced in our certifications, and to giving back to our community with a focus on passing on our values to the next generation through supporting local edible gardens and farm to fork programs.

By combining artisan care and sustainability, we retain all the flavors and nutrients that allow our body and mind to grow and stay healthy. We hope you will enjoy sharing these unique oils and products with loved ones as much as we do.







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La Tourangelle La Tourangelle, Avocado Oil 500ml

La Tourangelle La Tourangelle, Avocado Oil 500ml