Reusable Face Mask & Spray Kit - black

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Country: Denmark

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The World’s First Face Mask & Spray Kit

  • Reusable Face Mask
  • Refillable Spray
  • Silicone Carry Case

Keeping Safe

3 layered filtered mask following WHO guidlines to keep you safe.


Reduce the massive amounts of unnecessary waste by reusing and refilling.


One kit to put it in your bag, your pocket or glove compartment - always have it with you.

The Mask

The mask is made of 3 layers according to WHO guidelines

- The inner layer is organic cotton

- The middle layer is non-woven

- The outer layer is a non-absorbent material

The Spray

The spray is refilable. The head is made out of PP and bottle out of PETG, both are BPA-free

The Case

The case is made out of non-toxic BPA-free food grade silicone

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