OMNIPORK Luncheon 240g

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Nutrition Facts
Per 100g
Energy 199.0kcal
Protein 12.7g
Total Fat 15.6g
- Saturated Fat 10.8g
- Trans fat 0.0mg
Carbohydrate 1.9g
- Dietary Fibre 4.0g
- Sugar 0.0g
Sodium 485mg
While we are working hard to provide the best possible information, ingredients and nutrition facts are subject to change at any time at the manufacturer's discretion. It's always a good idea to refer to the product packaging for the most complete and up-to-date information.
Water, Protein Blend (Soy Protein Concentrate, Vital Wheat Gluten, Soy Protein Isolate), Coconut Oil, Thickeners (Methylcellulose, Maltodextrin), Yeast Extract, Natural Flavour, Potato Starch, Salt, Natural Colour (Beet Red).
Contains Soybeans & Cereals Containing Gluten.

OmniPork, a food brand under Green Monday Holdings, was established in April 2018 based on the philosophy of treating the earth, life, and human beings. The Canadian senior food research team focused on Asian food culture and cooking habits. Develop food technology that is cruelty-free, cholesterol-free, antibiotic-free and hormone-free. The series has been developed for two years. Its unique vegan protein formula is mainly derived from peas, non-modified soybeans, mushrooms and rice. It provides high-quality amino acids needed by the human body, and contains zero cholesterol, no antibiotics, Hormone-free and cruelty-free, compared with real pork, its saturated fat is much lower by 86%, and its calories are 66% lower, but it can provide more dietary fiber, 260% calcium and 127% iron at the same time. The series of products has also been recognized by PETA Asia for the Treatment of Animals.

OmniPork products has been widely used by many well-known international restaurants, designed as a characteristic meat alternative dish, which opens up a new vegetarian experience that subverts the taste buds, including "Taco Bell" in Mainland China, and large-scale fast food in Taiwan. Shops "Eight directions gathered", "Sizzler" in Thailand, "Prive" in Singapore, as well as the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Hong Kong JW Marriott Hotel and the "Authentic Shanghai Shengjian Huang" with Chinese flavor. As for the series’ retail package, it was first sold at Green Common in November, and then put on shelves in major supermarket chains such as Dachang Food Specialty Store, c!ty’super, ParknShop and so on.

The company's new food, launched in 2020, uses the "Flash Freezing Technology" known as "Food Freezing Age Technology" to retain the original flavor of the food and preserve the taste, texture and moisture content. Suitable for people who don't have time to cook but have food requirements. This series can preserve the original taste of food without adding preservatives, and can also greatly reduce nutrient loss; just a few minutes before eating, the original taste can be re-displayed on the table, breaking the unhealthy image of ready-to-eat food. Their fast-fresh ready-to-eat series and handmade dim sum series were officially launched on Green Common in February.

In May 2020, in order to further cooperate with the brand strategy and future development, the food research company Right Treat that developed the new pork officially changed its name to OmniFoods. Two new products that have been developed for a long time-"OmniPork Luncheon New Meal Meat" and "OmniPork Strip" " OmniPork vegan minced meat" was also officially unveiled at the Omni conference on the same day, leading a new round of food technology boom.

The brand’s mission is to build a global "food of the future" ecosystem to deal with climate change, food safety and supply instability, devastating environmental damage, health and animal welfare, and encourage individuals, communities and businesses to move towards sustainability, health and a mindful lifestyle. And the vision of the brand is to forge a future of common interest and sustainable development, and become a change maker that affects the world.

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