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Royal Farm Frozen Thailand Chicken Wings 1kg

ORIGIN: Thailand


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1kg approx. 22-26 pieces


The chicken products produced by Royal Farm are rich in protein and water, the meat is firm, and the fat is lower than ordinary chickens, but still preserve a great taste.
The chicken wings it produces are more tender and flavorful than those on the market. We recommend to cook it with brine, frying, or even barbecue, etc. It can be seen that there are many ways to cook chicken wings. Many reasons make the chicken wings of Royal Farm a popular chicken product.

Less subcutaneous fat
Using natural feed, no hormones are added to promote the growth of chickens, which has less subcutaneous fat than other domestic chickens.

No antibiotics and hormones added

Many similar foods are added with a lot of hormones, antibiotics, etc. to increase production. Residual dose have a great chance of harming consumers. This product comes from chickens without injection of hormones and antibiotics to protect the health of you and your family. It is especially suitable for people who concern about health.

IQF - Individual Quick Freezing

Individual Quick Freezing technology allows each piece of chicken to cool down quickly, and freezes evenly without excess water. The ice crystals are formed uniformly and small, reducing the chance of ice crystals breaking the cell membrane of the food material and causing water, maintain the quality of the chicken, and lock the nutrition and moisture.

Strict screening - HACCP and GMP certified

HACCP and GMP certified to ensure that the production process is strictly supervised and controlled for potential hazards, removes the risk of microbial, chemical and physical pollution, and make people feel more at ease when eating.

Halal certification

It is also suitable for people who believe in Islam. Its strict standards not only ensure that healthy and fresh chickens must be used during production, but also that more humane methods are used to kill and clean up the blood that Muslims regard as unclean, so the chicken is relatively white and clean.


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Royal Farm Frozen Thailand Chicken Wings 1kg

Royal Farm Frozen Thailand Chicken Wings 1kg