Analogue Apotik omegha固體古龍水

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Analogue Apotik Solid Cologne and Grooming Goods.

Analogue Apotik

We believe in seamlessly complementing the essence of a modern man and woman, easing your grooming routines with convenience.
The name ‘The Apothecary’ came about from the word ‘pharmacist’ – way before the development of drugs and medicines; when empirical observation was the key to cure. Back then, they prescribed people with exotic inventions and treatments based on no scientific study.
The Apothecary Malaysia began as an effort to pick up this same spirit of the old, and reintroduce what our traditional pharmacists left off.
Thus bringing us to the debut of our line of easy-to-use men’s solid colognes in a variety of scents, all handmade in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We named our colognes according to unique characteristics of a modern man, personifying empowerment – from meeting the needs of a corporate high-flyer, to an alpha male, or even a witty creative highbrow – we daresay we’ve covered all grounds. And we promise you fine craftsmanship, sleek packaging, and attention to details.