MiU Training Hub
MiU is not a traditional fitness centre.
We do not only pursue the perfect body, we focus on challenging ourselves and discovering our personal potential. Through different forms of integrated trainings, we push our limit to the unknown, we transform into a physically and mentally stronger person. MiU is your ideal training hub. Come in for a stop, train with us, leave as a better person.

Bootcamp & Crossfit|瑜伽/普拉提|普拉提|空中瑜伽|哈達瑜伽|Core Training|Zumba


授課地區 灣仔
地址 灣仔謝斐道52-58號金鐘大廈9樓
2366 2879
Whatsapp +852 6774 1195
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Email miu@miutraininghub.com
運動類別 體能訓練、瑜伽、普拉提
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