Waterfall Gym

Healthy for both mind and body

WATERFALL firmly believes that total wellbeing will be achieved when both body and soul are well developed.

The importance of balancing the wellbeing between BODY, MIND and SOUL is a concept founded during the new age movement in the last century, and it emphasizes the idea that the human individual is a holistic, interdependent relationship between mind, body, and spirit. The practice happens to agree completely with the concept of JING, QI and SHEN from traditional Chinese medicine. The ancient wisdom believes that JING, QI and SHEN complement each other: JING brings QI, while SHEN will be enhanced if JING and QI are strong. The more prosperous the three are, the closer we get to happiness, peacefulness and good health.

The three water drops

The three water drops logo of WATERFALL symbolizes the combination of both Chinese and Western wisdom, and these wisdom are well fulfilled in our team spirit and services.

WATERFALL is not just a fitness center; it is the bridge that leads you to a pleasant life journey, and the wellbeing of your body, mind and soul. Through diversified fitness training, dancing and yoga, one can strengthen your body and mind; while Chinese and Western medicine fusion spa and massage can help you relax and rejuvenate your soul. The environment we built, the facilities we provide, and our professional staff are all in line with our philosophy to pamper your BODY, MIND and SOUL, regaining your balance of JING, QI, SHEN, and ultimately achieving a happy, healthy and quality life.
Waterfall Sports and Wellness
奧運 Waterfall Sports and Wellness寬敞場地賦予超凡空間、交通便利、連接多條巴士和小巴線路,更為港鐵奧運站A2商場出口直達。
太古 Waterfall Sports and Wellness 是一所位於港島東設有適合一家大小健體、消閒、美容設施和課程的一站式私人會所。會所內擁有過萬呎健身中心、每星期提供超過100堂各種瑜伽、健體及舞蹈班、室內恆溫泳池、羽毛球場、會員餐廳 Easy Kitchen 以及 美容護理 Hu Spa , 應有盡有, 必能為在繁忙都市的您提供一個優閒舒適的地方, 讓您的身心靈得著舒展。
香港康山道二號,康蘭居9樓,設有客用停車場可直達 (港鐵太古站 C 出口)
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