Genius Shan Highlands Coffee

Genius Shan Highlands Coffee 來自緬甸(緬甸)的特種咖啡生產商。我們正在從事從種子到杯咖啡的供應鏈。 我們將努力在緬甸(緬甸)製作公平貿易的咖啡。

Genius Shan Highlands Coffee於2012年末開始加工和烘焙咖啡。此後,我們開設了一個苗圃,以測試世界各地一些最好的阿拉比卡咖啡品種,並種下了數英畝的山坡車前草。我們還開設了加工和烘烤設施以及一間乾磨機。
我們的咖啡在增長,生產基地位於南部Shan邦的Ywar Ngan鎮。我們的燒烤,配送和咖啡館位於仰光。 Genius正在零售市場,咖啡店,酒店,機場和soecuak活動中出售我們的咖啡。我們商業模式的核心是社會責任精神。我們通過支持生產Genius咖啡的村莊中的社區發展項目來表彰我們的農民及其家人。我們的咖啡種植者是Danu Hill部落的成員。我們的Danu農民與祖先一樣在相同的山丘上耕種。他們對土地的了解以及與Genius的合作關係,通過為村莊帶來了急需的發展,使他們的人民受益。他們還獲得競爭性補償,以養家糊口,並確保為子女帶來積極的生活。我們還為支持本地教育,醫療保健和林業工作做出了貢獻。 Genius目前擁有30名全職員工,我們已經組織了100多個Southern邦南部的農民來種植我們的咖啡。

Genius Shan Highlands Coffee Specialty coffee producer from Myanmar(Burma).We are working in the Seed to Cup coffee supply chain. We are going to exercise to make fair trade coffee in Myanmar (Burma).

Genius Shan Highlands Coffee started processing and roasting coffee in late 2012. We have since opened a nursery for testing some of the finest varieties of Arabica from around the world and planted acres of hillside plantains. We also opened processing and roasting facilities and a dry mill.
Our Coffee is growing and production is based in Ywar Ngan Township in Southern Shan State. Our roasting, distribution and cafe are located in Yangon. Genius is selling our coffee in retail market, coffee shops, hotels, airport and at soecuak events. Central to our business model is an ethos of social responsibility. We honor our famers and their families by supporting community development projects in the villages which produce our Genius Coffee. Our coffee growers are members of the Danu Hill Tribe. Our Danu farmers work the same hills as their ancestor. Their knowledge of their lands and their partnership with Genius benefit their people by bringing much needed development to their villages. They also receive competitive compensation to provide for their families and ensure positive life out comes for their children. We also contribute to support local education, healthcare and forestry efforts. Genius currently employs 30 full time staff, and we have organized over 100 of Southern Shan State's farmers to grow our coffee.

Posted by Genius Coffee Estate on Saturday, 23 November 2019