Coconut Matter

Coconut Matter 成立於2015年,在美容方面開闢了一條新道路,以使我們的星球和您的健康在我們所做的每一件事中均得以保持。

我們為您的美容程序帶來正念和熱愛。 我們相信,在家中進行小的改動可以對我們的星球產生巨大的影響。

我們的使命是從天然的純素食成分中製作出性能最佳的產品,而無需在動物身上進行測試。 我們的核心成分-公平貿易,有機,原始椰子油為所羅門群島農村社區提供生計並改善生活狀況

我們希望使每個人都容易說“請不要使用塑料”。 通過閉合我們的產品製造,包裝和交付方式的循環,我們可以造就一個更好的星球,也可以造就一個更好的您。

Coconut Matter founded in 2015, we pioneered a new path in beauty to keep both our planet and your health in everything we do.

We bring mindfulness and love to your beauty routines. We believe adopting small changes at home can create a big impact on our planet.

Our mission is to craft the best performing products from natural, vegan ingredients, and without testing on animals. Our core ingredient - Fair trade, organic, virgin coconut oil provides livelihood, and improved well being for rural Solomon Island communities

We want to make it easy for everyone to say "no plastic, please". By closing the loop on how our products are made, packaged and delivered, we make for a better planet, and a better you.


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Coconut Matter Wild 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml


BRAND: Coconut Matter

ORIGIN: 所羅門群島

WILD virgin coconut oil is the world’s freshest virgin coconut oil. It is cold pressed from wild coconuts to oil in less than 60 minutes by island natives. The award winning Direct Micro Expelling™ process gives WILD it’s refreshing taste....


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