Doux Group成立於1955年,總部位於法國Finistère的Châteaulin,是一家從事工業家禽生產業務的法國食品加工公司,主要出口以家禽為基礎的加工產品。 2014年,它被評為歐洲最大的家禽生產商和世界第三大家禽生產商。

Doux在所有家禽市場上都存在:雞肉和火雞; 冷凍的,完整的麵包類產品(牛don,炸薯條,漢堡)和便餐。 每種生產類型都有一個專用站點:用於冷凍和加工產品的家禽屠宰場。該集團的主要品牌是Doux和Supreme àl’export,以及法國的PèreDodu。

Doux Group, founded in 1955 and headquartered in Châteaulin, Finistère (France), is a French food processing company in the industrial poultry production business, exporting poultry-based processed products. In 2014, it was ranked as the largest producer of poultry in Europe, and the third largest in the world.

Doux is present on all poultry markets: chicken and turkey; frozen, whole, breaded products (cordons bleus, nuggets, burgers), and quick serve meals. Each production type has a dedicated site: poultry slaughterhouses destined for frozen and processed products. The main brands of the group are Doux and Supreme à l’export, and Père Dodu in France.


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