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“Free From Fellows”是我們的全部樂趣,一直在努力為您帶來您最喜歡的糖果,但是沒有糖,明膠或麵筋。 在與糖果鑑賞家的特殊口味測試中,測試糖果,沒有人能分辨出差異,他們都認為其中也有糖-太棒了!


我們設法在沒有任何糖的情況下成功地製造了它們,這簡直棒極了,但我們為你們做到了-我們知道您想要什麼,我們知道您喜歡什麼,並且很長一段時間我們將繼續生產您喜歡的糖果-充滿 充滿樂趣,美味可口,快樂時光。

We at Free From Fellows are all about fun and we have been working hard to bring you your favourite sweets but without the sugar, gelatine or gluten. In special taste tests with candy connoisseurs, we have tested our sweets and nobody can tell the difference and they all thought there was sugar in them too – amazing right!

We just believe you should be able to enjoy your favourite sweets without having to worry about gelatine content (yuk!), gluten content or high amounts of sugar.

The fact that we have managed to create them without any sugar is, well nothing short of marvellous but we do it for you guys - we know what you want, we know what you love and long may we continue to produce your favourite sweets - full of fun, delicious taste and happy moments.


Keeping the kids entertained in more ways than one 🎈 Clare has been keeping her little ones busy with this work of art,...

Posted by Free From Fellows on Sunday, 31 January 2021
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Free From Fellows Gummy Bear (Sugar Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free) 100g
$100 Free shipping


BRAND: Free From Fellows


DescriptionVegan Gummy Bears, Super delicious, mouth wateringly unique tasty sweets! Free from fellows don’t just make super delicious, mouth wateringly unique tasty sweets! These are made lovingly without any sugar, gelatin or gluten to bring you the best of the best....


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