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Juicy Chic堅持不添加防腐劑,使用無激素,無抗生素雞胸,保證新鮮健康

配合全天候健身目標,雞胸含有豐富蛋白質和低脂飽腹的特質,增肌減脂必備。減肥健身餐單中,配合雞胸肉,效果顯注。 Juicy Chic即食雞胸直接送貨到府上,方便快捷。解凍後,可當零食,可以放入微波爐加熱,可以煎香或配沙律。

Juicy Chic insists on not adding preservatives, using hormone-free and antibiotic-free chicken breasts to ensure freshness and health.
In line with all-weather fitness goals, chicken breasts are rich in protein and low-fat satiety, which is essential for muscle gain and fat reduction. In the weight loss and fitness menu, with chicken breast, the effect is remarkable. Juicy Chic Instant Chicken Breasts are delivered directly to the house, which is convenient and quick. After thawing, it can be used as a snack, can be heated in the microwave, can be fried or served with salad.

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