The COVID situation has significantly changed our lifestyle, we may start to work from home, keeping ourselves away from campus and offices, as well as keeping social distance for friends and relatives. The situation led us to live a sedentary lifestyle with increased chances of physical inactivity, more eating and sitting, anxiety etc. During this time, some of us will gain some weight, which furthermore increase the risks for type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and other health problems. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle became even more important. This article shares some recommendations.

The first healthy lifestyle habit will be to make sure to Measure and Watch Your Weight, keeping track of your body weight on a daily or weekly basis will help you see what you’re losing and/or what you’re gaining. In a general direction, include more healthy food in your healthy diet, do not forget to eat breakfast and choose a healthy diet with more protein and fiber and less fat, sugar, and calories. In case you cannot obtain enough micronutrients, take multivitamin supplements to make sure you have sufficient levels of nutrients, taking a daily multivitamin supplement is a good idea, especially when you do not have a variety of vegetables and fruits at home. Many micronutrients are vital to your immune system, including vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E, as well as zinc, iron, copper, selenium, and magnesium. However, there’s currently no available evidence that adding any supplements or “miracle mineral supplements” to your diet will help protect you from the virus or increase recovery. In some cases, high doses of vitamins can be bad for your health. Therefore, keep tracking your nutrients and take supplements only if you really lack specific nutrients.

Except for healthy food, one of the basics is to drink sufficient of water to stay hydrated, drink less sugared beverages, although there is no evidence that drinking water frequently can help prevent any viral infection. Keep yourself with certain exercises or try to move your body more often during the situation, at-home fitness time surely will be a good idea. If you have a pet, probably walk your pet outside on a routine basis. Reduce Sitting and Screen Time Exercise can’t immunize you from your sedentary time. Even people who exercise regularly could be at increased risk for diabetes and heart disease and stroke if they spend lots of time sitting behind computers. Get Enough Sleep is one the most important factor in a healthy lifestyle, there is a very strong connection between sleep quality and quantity and your immune system. You can keep your immune system functioning much better when you get enough sleep.

In your healthy diet list, you should only include little or zero alcohol, it is so easy to get your hands on alcohol in a situation like this, when prolonged staying indoors. Alcohol calories can add up quickly and increase your weight. Even if you have included red wine, you may try to have healthy food together such as nuts.


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