黑蒜: 營養,功效和產品

Black garlic is a kind of aged garlic that has undergone a fermentation process. It has a unique color, soft texture, and sweet and delicious taste. It was originally produced in Asian countries for its medicinal properties. But its popularity is rapidly growing in other parts of the world .

Making black garlic

Black garlic is made by curing whole fresh garlic heads at high temperatures and humidity (155°F to 175°F, 70% to 90% humidity) for weeks to months. During the fermentation process, garlic undergoes enzymatic reactions and the Maillard reaction (a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars), which changes the taste and color of garlic , resulting in a dark brown-black color with a soft and slightly sticky texture.

Flavor characteristics

Black garlic has a complex flavor profile with sweet, salty, and umami notes, with hints of caramel, molasses, and balsamic vinegar. The pungent, sharp flavor of raw garlic mellows during the fermentation process, producing a subtler, more nuanced flavor that is often described as earthy and slightly tangy.

Nutrition and Calories

While the exact nutritional profile of black garlic may vary slightly from fresh garlic, it generally retains many of the health-promoting compounds found in raw garlic, including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, the fermentation process can increase the bioavailability of certain nutrients and produce new bioactive compounds with potential health benefits.


Black garlic has 240 calories per 100 grams

  • 43% comes from fat
  • 38% from carbohydrates
  • 19% comes from protein

nutrient content

Each 100 grams of black garlic contains (%: % of daily intake):

  • Total fat 10g 13%
  • Total carbohydrates 20 g 7%
  • Net carbs 10g
  • Dietary fiber 10g 36%
  • Protein 10g 20%
  • Iron 3.6 mg 20%

Black garlic effect

Black garlic is thought to have a variety of health benefits, similar to raw garlic. It is rich in antioxidants, which help fight oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. Some research suggests that black garlic may have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and cardiovascular health-promoting properties, but further research is needed to fully understand its effects. Here are some possible health benefits:

  • strengthen immune system
  • Help relieve pain and inflammation
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • reduce cholesterol
  • Treatment and management of liver injury

Where to buy black garlic

Black garlic is available in many different product types:

whole black garlic

  • Guanyanzhan-only son black garlic

Peeled black garlic

  • Qi Zi Wang – Peeled black garlic

black garlic seasoning

Black garlic is often included in sauce-related products, e.g.

  • Chugeqiao-Ginger-free black garlic stock sauce
  • Japan's ファイン extremely fermented black garlic black vinegar

black garlic sauce

  • Bart Black Garlic Paste

black garlic oil

  • Hehong Food- Black Garlic Oil

culinary use

Here are some easy, everyday ways to add black garlic to your daily menu:

  • Mash it and add it to soups and vegetable purees.
  • Mix it with other ingredients to make marinades, sauces and dressings.
  • Chop it up and use it in dips, spreads, or in amazing compound butter.
  • Sprinkle the powder on light dishes or use it to create a signature seasoning blend.


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