Aloe vera juice usage and dosage: how much do you drink every day?
Aloe vera juice usage and dosage: how much do you drink every day? | Aloe vera juice usage and dosage: how much do you drink every day?

Drinking aloe vera is a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of aloe vera. This is a vitamin-rich, delicious, refreshing and thirst-quenching drink. However, how much aloe vera juice you drink each day does depend on the type of drinkable aloe product used. You will want to make sure that you have enough energy to experience the full benefits of this incredible superfood!

How is aloe drink made?

Aloe beverages are usually made of internal gel, which is a transparent, thin, gel-like substance dug out from the center of the aloe leaf. The inner aloe vera gel is different from the whole leaf in terms of consumption, because the pure gel is part of the plant and is completely safe and edible. It has almost no aloin (anthraquinone glycoside), which has always been the focus of research. Too much aloin from any source can cause diarrhea, enteritis and dehydration.
Read the label-you should only buy pure aloe beverages made from gel and do not contain potentially dangerous aloe.

How much do you drink every day?

It is important to note that, except for the aloe vera in the whole leaf leaf bark, basically any amount of pure aloe can be safely consumed. In other words, it does not say that drinking too much aloe vera that has been properly prepared and processed is not suitable.
That being said, the recommended daily dose will depend on the type of aloe product you are using

Aloe Vera Juice/Extract

Aloe extract or juice is processed from a pure internal gel, which concentrates the beneficial compounds and forms a drinkable liquid, which is easily mixed into other beverages. Due to the high concentration, the rule of thumb for aloe extract is usually 2 ounces twice. Every day (total 4 ounces per day).
Recommended daily dose: 4 ounces.
Tip: Aloe extract can be used with other beverages (such as coconut juice, fruit juice or even soft drinks).

Aloe water

Aloe Vera Water Pure aloe vera water is a pure inner aloe vera gel, which can be treated and diluted with water to make a delicious and healthy drink (with or without pulp). There is no limit to how much aloe vera water you can drink, but to fully enjoy the benefits of aloe vera, at least one full bottle (16 ounces per day) should be consumed. Recommended daily dose: 16 ounces.

Raw aloe

If you have your own plants, you can choose to eat unprocessed aloe that you harvest yourself. If you do this, be sure to avoid eating any part of the outer leaf, because the outer leaf contains potentially dangerous aloe vera that may cause undesirable side effects. No matter what you eat, mix it directly or mix it into other foods/beverages. Take about 2 ounces of inner gel a day for maximum effect. Recommended daily dose: 2 ounces.

to sum up

In most supermarkets, grocery stores, health food stores and online stores, aloe vera juice and water are widely available. As mentioned above, please read the label before buying! Make sure that the drink is only made from pure aloe vera gel (not from leaves and peels). Aloe drinks are delicious and refreshing, and they are also healthy foods.

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